Bestie Twin Nails!!


Hi and thanks for stopping in! I’m a part of a nail group online where there’s lots of support, encouragement, and… tons of enabling! Once a month, we can sign up to be paired off for Bestie Twin Nails (BTN).

This month I was paired with @okie.glam.mani. She’s super talented and I love all of her work! We didn’t really have a clear idea of what we were going to use as inspiration for our mani’s. I swear, sometimes trying to find inspiration for a design is more difficult than actually executing that design!

Major internal brainstorming session: patterns? Nah, can’t find anything that I haven’t seen recently. Shoes? Why can’t I find shoes that speak to me?? Clothing? This sucks. I’m not inspired…. Bags??? Ooh. Bags I can do. Cue my love for Google. I googled “handbags” and just scrolled around. Then I saw a Betsey Johnson bag and just knew I was headed in the right direction! I took a few screen shots of a few bags that stood out to me, sent them to Okie, and we agreed on the butterfly one! (I kinda really want this bag, tbh).

I used Sinful Colors Innocent for my base. I stamped with Fresh Perspective & Pish Plashin’ Around by MPolish and Gesso by Funky Fingers. And the butterfly stamping plates were CiCi&Sisi 03 and some off brand circle plate from Ali Express. The roses are from Cici&Sisi 02.

I was going for a layered look with the flowers. I stamped them first in white then used FP and PPA over the white outline but slightly overlapped. I think they turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself!



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